Lincoln Trailer We finally made it out of the house to see Spielberg’s “Lincoln” today. The Academy Award nominations came out this week and it received a total of 12 nominations, including one… Continue reading


How could she ask to amend the contract? After all we have poured into this endeavor, why would she ask to change it now? Tossing and turning all night; no sleep. Sick with… Continue reading

The New World

I love the way the “patriotic” GOP folks (who claim that we all on the left are a bunch of Constitution hating socialists) use xenophobia as one of their propaganda tools. As I… Continue reading

A Happy Weekend in NY or ‘The Tree was Just the Right Height’

I have a wonderful friend “R” who I met during my residency in upstate New York. We try to keep in touch and see each other a couple of times a year. She… Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution?

I started the year by forgetting to say “White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” so things already don’t bode well. Of course, the question of the day on everyone’s lips has been “Do… Continue reading


Such a cold New Year’s Day in New York. Too cold to leave the warmth and comfort of the living room to migrate down to the cinema, despite the numerous movies in the… Continue reading

Two wise men, ancestors

My grandpa, Antonino I, the Sergeant (left), and his first cousin who had the same name. He was in World War I and when he returned his nickname in the village became “Il… Continue reading

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