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The Impossible Myth of “Having it All”

I’ve severely neglected this blog after having lovingly tended it for over a year and a half.  I’ve gone underground – I can’t remember the last time I posted something.  I’ve been afraid… Continue reading

Downton Abbey Twitter Round Up – Spoiler Alert!!

Originally posted on rage_on_ny:
If you are like most of us Downton maniacs, Sunday night was not a good night for you. But, the pain was eased a bit by reading…


An unarmed young man, Jonathan Ferrell, crashes his car and manages to drag his disoriented injured self to a neighboring rural home front door to try and get help, and he ends up… Continue reading

A Tribute to Generation X I read the above blog post and had to share it. It gave me a chuckle. But aside from that, I’ve been thinking a lot about my generation lately, GENERATION X, especially… Continue reading

Sour Apple: A Shareholder’s Open Letter to Apple

NY Times Article on Why Apple is Borrowing Billions Rather Than Pay a Dividend   Dear Apple Board of Directors and CEO: As the proud owner of a whole 5 shares of Apple… Continue reading

The Sequester hits faithful “Meals-on-Wheels”; Let’s Do Something Good

That dreaded sequester is causing millions of seniors to be hungrier this year as funding to Meals-on-wheels programs have been slashed.  See an impassioned Martin Bashir raise Holy Hell about it on his… Continue reading

Spacey Schools Washington on Bipartisanship a la House of Cards at Correspondents Dinner

Loved House of Cards…this spoof they made for the dinner last night is really funny.  Check it out if you have a moment.

Diaperless babies?? “Elimination communication”

“Elimination communication” is the latest hipster baby craze in NYC (although, I am not sure how many people in reality are actually doing this).  The goal: never to don a diaper on baby’s… Continue reading

The One Fund

Donate to the One Fund Every once and a while, humans actually do something wonderful and inspiring.   After the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon (in which home made pressure cooker IEDs… Continue reading

My thoughts on the events of the week in Boston

I doubt that I am alone in that I spent the entire week glued to any non-CNN, non Fox media source I could get my ears on (Ok, OK, mostly MSNBC – can’t… Continue reading

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