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Keeping calm and injecting on…

Its hard to believe how close we are getting to completing our donor egg cycle.  I am currently on injections of 10 units of Lupron daily and two estrogen patches every other day… Continue reading

A Tribute to Generation X I read the above blog post and had to share it. It gave me a chuckle. But aside from that, I’ve been thinking a lot about my generation lately, GENERATION X, especially… Continue reading

Infertility hurts

You’ve probably seen that television commercial for some drug that helps depression “Depression hurts”.  It depicts nice people who are apathetic towards things they used to love; they are sad, isolated, etc.  I… Continue reading

The Reality of Living in New York

I’ve been on a blog binge lately.  I’ve perused many different blogs.  One I happened on tonight mentioned how the blogger (from Boston – gag!) hated New York, despite it being the place… Continue reading

Taunting Idol

I love Audrey Hepburn. Pretty cliche, huh? Everyone loves her, her elegance and grace – pure loveliness. Over the years I have accumulated a number of Audrey Hepburn kitschy items – including Tee… Continue reading

The Real Island of Misfit Toys

I think of Manhattan island as the real island of misfit toys. It’s a place where not being in the mainstream sort of is the mainstream. I guess I can only offer my… Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution Update – or How I Did at the Gridiron Classic Race

Well, I have been procrastinating writing this follow up post about my performance at the race last Superbowl Sunday.  But alas, after Blizzard Nemo, there really isn’t too much to do in NY… Continue reading


How could she ask to amend the contract? After all we have poured into this endeavor, why would she ask to change it now? Tossing and turning all night; no sleep. Sick with… Continue reading

Two wise men, ancestors

My grandpa, Antonino I, the Sergeant (left), and his first cousin who had the same name. He was in World War I and when he returned his nickname in the village became “Il… Continue reading

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