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An Annual New York Tradition – The Feast of San Gennaro

Yesterday, Roberto and I partook in an annual New York Tradition – the Little Italy Feast of San Gennaro.  Today is the last day of the Feast, but don’t worry if you missed… Continue reading

Rainbow in the rear view mirror

Here’s hoping this is not really metaphoric of my life…Happy weekend to all

Step One: You tell her.

Originally posted on hannah brencher.:
j + r, these words are for you. i carry both of you in my heart. “I have feelings for her,” he said. “They’re real.” The smoke from…

Rage_on_ny gets Toemailed!

So proud we were Toemailed we had to share!!

Before Midnight

Caution! Spoilers ahead… (Hurry up and see this one so you can be part of the discussion, it is too good to miss!) What a movie!  If the script here doesn’t win some… Continue reading

Before Sunset

Careful, some spoilers ahead… In Act two of Richard Linklater’s trilogy of films about Gen X couple Jesse and Celine (played fantastically by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) the story opens with Jesse… Continue reading

Before Sunrise

Nostalgia. I watched Before Sunrise on Tuesday after I had a gone for my first visit to a shrink to deal with “adjustment” issues I am having related to my partner, his recent… Continue reading

New York’s Secret Garden – The High Line

What an amazing day off I had on Tuesday. Given my medical history and how mad doctor’s visits can drive me (even as a doctor) I decided to take a personal day when… Continue reading

Street Art of the High Line

All the photos presented herein are my work, so no one to acknowledge… I passed a lovely afternoon at the High Line Park in Chelsea the other day on my day off. I… Continue reading

The Great Gatsby

First of all, I want to briefly give my thoughts on the film. I wasn’t sure what to think before I went in. Some of the reviews I had heard were pretty merciless… Continue reading

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