A Walk in the Clouds

Don’t kill me or gag, but I totally love the 1995 movie A Walk in the Clouds.  I re-watched it tonight as a guilty pleasure.  Yes, you remember correctly that Keanu was nominated for a Razzie for worst actor in it.  But,  come on – Keanu’s bod, Anthony Quinn, Giancarlo Giannini…what bad can you possibly have to say about this film?

First of all, the cinematography was just gorgeous. Remember all the scenes from the vineyard and hacienda?  In fact, it is in part motivated by the beauty of this film that I moved us to California a couple of years back (I’m mostly kidding).


Plus, the story – so romantic albeit a wee saccharin.  Remember that Keanu plays Paul Sutton, a veteran returning from war whose flusie wife (played by Debra Messing) gets him his old job back as a traveling chocolate salesman.  She promptly shoos him back on the road, and on the train he meets the beautiful (but nauseous) Victoria Aragon who promptly proceeds to vomit on him.

Their paths keep crossing and eventually, Paul agrees to help Victoria by posing as her husband.  Victoria is fearful that her very traditional Mexican father will kill her because she got pregnant and the baby’s father abandoned her.


Victoria’s dad (Giancarlo Giannini) is rough on Paul, since they are rich and from a long line of important Mexican families and Paul is but an orphan.  He does his best to win her dad’s heart and even helps prevent frost on the grapes, like in the iconic seen depicted below.


But to no avail.  The dad hates him.  The grandfather (Anthony Quinn) takes pity on Paul and tries to bring him into the fold.  He gets him drunk and teaches him how to serenade.  He is very sweet.


They fall in love, but alas, Keanu is still married to Debra Messing and Victoria eventually has to reveal the truth to her family.  But not until after this luscious kiss….


Eventually, Paul and wife get their marriage annulled and he is able to rush back to marry Victoria.  But the dad is so upset that in a drunken rage, he inadvertently burns the whole vineyard down.  All except for the original vine which Keanu rips from the soil in a Thor-like manner…

Well, thanks for accompanying me on that quick walk down memory lane…now off to bed!