Bedtime song post: Blinded by Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind is one of those quintessential 90’s alternative bands that I liked well enough back then, but seem to love now.  I recently re-discovered the song Blinded from their 2003 album, Out of the Vein and tried to look into the meaning of the lyrics, because I felt that I could somehow relate, although at first wasn’t sure that I entirely got it.

The lyrics, which I lifted from the site “Song Meanings“are as follows:

Written by Stephan Jenkins, Arion Salazar, and Tony Fredianelli

Just an old friend coming over
Now to visit you and
That’s what I’ve become
I let myself in
Though I know I’m not supposed to but
I never know when I’m done

And I see you fogging up the mirror
Vapor around your body glistens in the shower
And I wanna stay right here
And go down on you for an hour
Or stay and let the day just fade away
In a wild dedication
Take the moment of hope
And let it run

Never look back
At all the damage we have done now
To each other
To each other
To each other

But when I see you
It’s like I’m staring down the sun
And I’m blinded
There’s nothing left to do
and still I see you

I never believe that things that they happen for a reason
And they never go as planned
I wanted to thank you for a vision that was lost that you returned
But you’re past where you understand

Now her appetite is blown
Little else is known
except she’s a little angry
Grabs a towel, looks away
and heat fades with the day
And I fall down on what to say
oh something clean, let me be clever
Hey oh well, whatever
But that’s not what I mean
Where we’re been has left us burned
still i wont turn now from a fight
You know I’ll never win

so when I see you
you know all the things I’ve done
well i’m blinded
Like I’m staring down the sun
When I see you
When I see you
When I see you
It’s like I’m staring down the sun

(Hey! I’m Blinded!)
(Hey! I’m Blinded!)
(Hey! I’m Blinded!)

Time it passes and it tells us what we’re left with
We become the things we do
Me, I’m a fool, spent from defiance
yeah you got me but
I didn’t give up on you

icarus is not a tee shirt or a swan song, no
He is born again and
It’s not easy being me
but I can’t promise I will mend
Or bend when you believe
That we are fixed now from our birth
And I’ve just fallen back to earth
Still you know I’ll try again
Cause I believe that we are lucky
We are golden
We have stolen manners
in the days when we were one

So when I see you
In spite of all that we’ve become
I’m still blinded
But I’m still staring down the sun
When I see you
When I see you
When I see you
When I see you

Oh yeah
I’m still staring down the sun
Oh yeah
I’m still staring down the sun
Oh yeah
Well I’m still staring down the sun
I’m blinded

When I see you
When I see you
When I see you


I love the imagery of the literal words, where he lets himself in to her house and is ogling his former lover in the shower.  (Just get past the creepiness for a moment, please! -ok??)  But the underlying meaning is also romantic and delightful.  He’ll always love her and be stunned by her and blinded to her faults and their mismatch.  Time passes.  He knows he’s been stubborn and foolish, but he will keep on thinking he can overcome their problems (despite having been burned, like Icarus) and hold out hope for them or at least keep the hot memories of the relationship alive.  I think a lot of people can relate to that…

The video pretty much sucks.  It is just them jamming and acting goofy, with cut after cut.  It does nothing to create a visual image of the lyrics.  I guess it doesn’t necessarily have to, but given how much imagery the song does have, it is surprising and disappointing that the creator(s) didn’t try to capture more of it.  Enjoy!