Bareburger – Upper East Side

Bareburger is a relatively recent addition to our Yorkville neighborhood and a welcome one at that.  It is a micro-chain franchise which was started locally and specializes in organic burgers of traditional and not so traditional meats.  The chain tries to keep things local, eco-friendly and sustainable.  The foods are organic and conscientiously raised.  Even the table tops are re-purposed wood planks.

Photo Nov 16, 2 23 29 PM

When you walk in, you are surrounded by wood and a slightly campy feel, but in a hipster sort of way.  In the front, there are these cool bright yellow garage-door style windows that can be opened for an indoor/outdoor feel in the warm weather days.  They loosely use a bear theme inspired by the pun.

Photo Nov 16, 2 25 11 PM

The staff were quite friendly and helpful.  I was so pleased that for once I wasn’t told that I had to wait for my party to be complete before being seated. It was especially helpful given that Roberto was pretty late meeting me (ughh!).  I started with a homemade root beer while I waited which was really good – made with organic evaporated cane juice, organic spices and purified water.

We were presented with both a brunch menu and regular menu.  They serve brunch everyday, not just on the weekends.  And although the brunch menu did have some appealing items, we opted to stick with the regular menu burgers – go figure.  It was a great choice.

We began with a flight of sliced pickles.  It consisted of four ball/mason jars of garlic dill pickle chips, spicy pickle chips, butter pickle chips and house-made Carolina slaw.  My favorites were the sweet butter pickle chips and of course Roberto’s were the spicy ones.

Photo Nov 16, 3 08 09 PM

Now after that, I went for the a-la-carte-build-your-own burger and I used the fried chicken on a brioche bun with avocado, colby cheese and smoked paprika mayo.  It was juicy, moist and simply delicious.  I also had a side of gourmet breaded onion rings, also quite good.

Photo Nov 16, 3 08 29 PM

Roberto went for an off the menu pre-made burger – the Roadhouse.  That one comes with pepperjack, country bacon, hass avocado, fire roasted red peppers,
sweet apple grilled onions, smoked paprika mayo using the beef (medium well done).  He also got a side of fries.  Roberto is picky about his burgers and he loved it.  He is anxious to go back to try some more.  Incidentally, they also have lamb, wild boar, elk, bison, and ostrich burgers on the menu, however, we weren’t feeling very adventurous.

Photo Nov 16, 3 08 23 PM

We skipped dessert (of which there were many to tempt) and left totally full.  Our bill was about 50 bucks.  Sounds pretty steep for a couple of burgers – I’d agree.  But given our location, the high quality of the ingredients and other great stuff we got, I thought it was a good value for a meal.  The place is fun, with good food, nice staff, and for us, the location can’t be beat.  Check this place out if you are in the neighborhood – we want them to stay in business.  Although, by the number of people dining, I’d say that won’t be an issue for the time being.