Step One: You tell her.

I don’t typically do a lot of re-blogging on this site, but I read this post today and felt it was the best bit of writing I’ve read in a while. Just had to share it…

hannah brencher.

j + r, these words are for you. i carry both of you in my heart.


“I have feelings for her,” he said. “They’re real.”

The smoke from the bonfire hissed and tangled with my hair as I watched him wring his hands in circular motion, as if his mama had just told him to wash them good. Soap. Water. No skimping. Germs, they be a killer.

The flames cackled. We sat face to face. The pockets of people around us all cloaked in heavy conversation. Laughter. Their voices buzzed and wheeling from the concoctions of vodka & rum & fruity summer cocktails.

“So what do I do?”

It occurs to me that this feeling doesn’t overwhelm him so often. That it is not every day when he lets the good girl in to take up cushion space in his heart. He’s nervous for the first time in a very…

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