Pain, ginormous needles and a pinch of hope

The above are the ingredients in today’s batch of building our baby

My butt cheeks are a bit sore. We have started injections with a massive needle of Progesterone in oil.  We are now in the home stretch.  Our wonderful and wonderfully fertile donor gave us 37 eggs which have turned into many wonderful little embryos.  We couldn’t be more thrilled on that front.  It definitely pays to be young and healthy when attempting to have a baby.

The awful shots are intramuscular and daily. This stuff is not for sissies.  Thank goodness Roberto has been a champ at doing the stabbing  and injecting.  I don’t know how I would have managed if I had to do it on my own.  Despite being a doctor and worse, a pathologist and having seen some pretty nasty stuff in my day, everything immediately changes when it is my body, my blood, my pain.  I immediately shrivel into a quivering ball of chicken shit goo.  Roberto is sweet and rubs my sore butt after the injection to get the oil to even out in the muscle.  He knows what a big baby I am.

And now for the cream.  Either tomorrow or more likely Sunday, my little uterus will be the new home to a cute little embryo, which, if we are lucky, will feel very much at home there and decide to stick around for a while (say 9 months or so).

So hope is very much alive.  Wish us luck…

p.s.  This video was very helpful and informative