Bedtime song post: Coldplay – Talk

Awesome song where Coldplay samples old German electronic music band Kraftwerk from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. I personally like Coldplay’s version a lot better, but the Kraftwerk version is interesting and their work has influenced a lot of synth/electronic music that came after them including some of my favorites New Order, Joy Division, and OMD to name just a few.

Here’s a link to the Kraftwerk version which is called “Computer Love”:

Now, according to Wikipedia:

Chris Martin, lead singer of UK group Coldplay, anecdotally recalled, in a late 2007 article in Q about Kraftwerk, the process of requesting permission to use the melody from the track “Computer Love” in its 2005 release “Talk” from its album X&Y. He recalled writing them a letter and sending it through the lawyers of the respective parties and several weeks later receiving an envelope containing a handwritten reply that simply said ‘yes’.”