The Bridge

The latest television addiction in our house is on FX every Wednesday evening at 10PM – a series called The Bridge where detectives from El Paso PD and Mexico’s Chihuahua State Police join forces to try and capture a serial killer that has been dubbed “the Bridge killer” because of two different halves of two sets of bisected bodies found on the border bridge that connects El Paso from dangerous Juarez.

sonya and marco

The lead detective in the story is brilliantly played by Diane Kruger and is named Detective Sonya Cross.  Her character has trouble understanding the subtleties of social interaction due to Asperger’s Syndrome which comes through in most of her dialogue, along with psychological issues she is dealing with due to the violent murder of her sister when she was a teen.  She joins forces with slightly naughty and very charming Detective Marco Ruiz (played very believably by veteran and much decorated sexy Mexican actor Demian Bichir) who is always bending  the rules as a means to an end in pursuit of his criminal.


The intricate story occurs within a backdrop that includes all the immigration tensions that plague the two countries, the drug violence and ceaseless crime in Juarez, corruption of police at different levels on both sides of the border and the struggles of people trying to live everyday lives in the midst of all that chaos. It interweaves several sub-plots, that presumably will all re-connect by the end of the series.  Like the story of the beautiful widow Charlotte Millright, played by Annabeth Gish, who is stressing over a secret tunnel on her ranch which smuggles undocumented people from Mexico across the border, run by a scary female Mexican mob boss. Or the cryptic connection that fatherly and weathered police chief Lt. Hank Wade (played by Ted Levine) has with Sonya Cross that we are always left wondering about.

police team

Some of the characters are more compelling than others.  For example, Steve Linder – a weird mysterious loner guy played by Thomas M. Wright who we are originally led to believe is the killer but who seems to actually have an entirely different agenda.  He has a strange way of speaking and is randomly funny at times (like when he drops a dead body out his window onto his car and quietly mutters “Oh dear”.)

steve linder

Dead bodies are piling up high at a quick pace.  The series has got me totally hooked.  If you can possibly catch it from the beginning Pilot episode (to avoid a lot of confusion) I doubt you will be disappointed.