Chinatown and Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn

Anyone who has visited New York’s Chinatown knows that it is a very interesting place.  I’ve never been to China, but I do feel like I am transported to a different country whenever I am down there.

Photo Aug 03, 3 34 29 PM

Once you cross Canal Street, there is a sensory overload.  There are so many different shops and restaurants that crowd the narrow streets.  Many smells emanate from them ranging from fish to unusual spices and fruits.  But I wasn’t down there to browse…

Photo Aug 03, 3 36 41 PM Photo Aug 03, 2 37 44 PM

I had one specific goal.  It was late Saturday afternoon on a cloudy day in New York and after spending the morning cleaning the apartment, I heard some Dim Sum calling my name from 100 blocks away. A friend had recently told me to try Golden Unicorn, so I wanted to check it out.

Photo Aug 03, 2 47 00 PM

As I’m sure everyone knows, Dim sum are small plates of Chinese food traditionally eaten at brunch time which tend to include a lot of dumplings.   They are peddled on carts by the staff which roll through the restaurant showing off the products.  Patrons flag them down and pick things off the carts, and are charged with a colored stamp on a card which serves as the bill at the end of the meal.  Until then, I had only had Dim Sum at the famous Jing Fong (which is ginormous) and a smaller joint which I would never be able to find again and don’t know the name of.

Roberto does not appreciate Dim Sum, so I went to eat by myself.  It was a shame, because I could only try fewer items!  Here is what I tried:

Photo Aug 03, 2 47 28 PM

Pan fried sticky rice, always a favorite of mine

Photo Aug 03, 3 02 35 PM


Photo Aug 03, 2 48 26 PM

Steamed beef ball

Shrimp siu mai These were very good

Shrimp siu mai
These were very good

Photo Aug 03, 2 52 26 PM

Sesame roll dessert
These are the reason I go for Dim sum!
Sweet but chewy. Uniquely good!

Photo Aug 03, 3 14 53 PM

What will my future hold?

Overall a fantastic meal.  I was there at around 2:30pm (on the late side) so it was full, but not obnoxiously crowded.   I didn’t have to share my table.  And after having gorged myself (I did get a doggy bag) I paid about $24 for all of the above.  I thought Golden Unicorn was better than Jing Fong because it has a more intimate feel, even though it is still pretty big.  I would definitely recommend it.

Now as an added bonus, on my postprandial walk, I headed up Bowery and saw this amazing mural on the corner of Houston:

Photo Aug 03, 3 51 21 PM

I just love NY 🙂