Keeping calm and injecting on…

Its hard to believe how close we are getting to completing our donor egg cycle.  I am currently on injections of 10 units of Lupron daily and two estrogen patches every other day to match my cycle up with the donor’s.  Pretty soon, big needles of Progesterone in oil will be upon me.  We’ve been through so much and it isn’t even over yet.  I am not sure if I am allowed to be so hopeful, since anything can still happen.

But I have allowed myself to keep dreaming.  If I can’t dream I must be dead, right?

Mostly I want a baby because I have so much I want to teach him or her.  The other day I was wondering if I listened to Soundgarden while pregnant if I could possibly influence my future baby to be a cool rocker some day, adored by all (but minus all the substance abuse hopefully).

We’ll see.  Keeping fingers crossed…


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