Italian Garden

My parents have lived in the same house in Nassau County, Long Island since the year I was born 1974.  Actually, they moved there a couple of weeks before my birthday.  For as long as I can remember, my father, a tailor by training (Italian) has been planting a wonderful vegetable garden in the modest backyard space.  The backyard is almost all occupied by the garden.  Even the lawns that flank the corner lot of the house are littered with fruit trees.  The vegetables have also bled onto some of the flower bed spaces.

Some years the yield is better than others.  But most summers, my parents spend a lot of time sharing all the fruits of the labor so that little if anything gets wasted. Tomatoes and fruits get jarred.  Syrups get made.  In the fall, we all gorge on incredibly sweet figs.

My father is getting on in years now; he is 85.   Despite my ardor for Manhattan, I hope that one day I will have a small yard of my own to attempt to recreate his annual masterpiece.  Enjoy the photoessay…

Photo Jul 28, 4 49 41 PM

From afar you can see the tomato row and behind, a huge fig tree
Photo Jul 28, 4 45 16 PM

Dad with his rigged irrigation system and voluptuous tomatoes

Photo Jul 28, 4 45 27 PM

Photo Jul 28, 4 46 29 PM

Photo Jul 28, 4 46 42 PM


Photo Jul 28, 4 45 57 PM


Photo Jul 28, 4 47 34 PM

Photo Jul 28, 4 47 54 PM

Italian flat beans

Photo Jul 28, 4 48 46 PM

Burpless cucumbers

Photo Jul 28, 4 47 09 PM


Photo Jul 28, 4 50 16 PM

Blueberries needing protection from birds and critters

All just a few miles from the heart of NYC 🙂