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Apologies to the readership for a hiatus in writing on this blog.  My life lately has been composed of sending annoying appeals letters to Cigna for non-coverage of infertility therapy, brain shrinking, working hard at a chronically under-performing lab, blood letting for estrogen and progesterone monitoring and battling the relentless NYC heat.  You can understand how blogging would not fit into all that….

But alas! A respite!  Roberto and I went on a much needed vacation to Cabo San Lucas, MX.  We flew to the Cabo Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Hotel on American Airlines on a flight with one  connection through Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  I will give you the highlight reel:

First of all, although I am glad to have seen Cabo, as a quick getaway I have to remind myself that any trip requiring a connecting flight is a no-go for a short stay vacation (we only went for four nights).  We spent about 2/3 a day getting there and a full day of travel trying to return (the time change is not in our favor on the way home).  It is hard not to compare Cabo to Cancun, but from NYC, I would say without hesitation that Cancun is a better trip (all around).

Upon arrival at the San Jose Cabo Airport, we were greeted by the usual and very unfortunate TIME SHARE welcome at the Mexican tourist destination airport.  MEXICO why do you immediately turn off your visitors by subjecting them to this B-S at the airports of your major tourist destinations?  After navigating through that mess, we were able to get tickets to ride a shuttle to our hotel.  The trip cost approximately $16 per person.  We were lucky that ours was the first stop, because there were about 10 passengers on board and it could have taken quite a while.

The backdrop landscape of Cabo is striking and incredibly beautiful.  It is a scrubby desert with some cliffs that jut out into the sea and divide the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez, right at the tip of the Baja California peninsula.  There is a constant dry heat and sometimes quite a wind kicks up.  We saw many a cactus from the very beginning of our trip.  The place seems in a state of semi-completed development.  There are numerous hotels and condo type complexes as well as some gated single family home communities.  Many familiar corporate outposts from stateside were also present: Walmart, McDonalds, OfficeMax, Subway, etc etc.  It sort of felt like we were in Arizona rather than Mexico, except of course that Arizona is land locked.  But all that development was staggered with areas of lots that were under construction and then the beautiful desert natural landscape.

Our hotel was beautiful but I have a lot to say about it, so I think I should leave it for another day.  Highlights:

Sheraton Hacienda del Mar: the building and grounds are absolutely lovely, designed in a traditional Mexican Hacienda style.  It felt good being in and around the hotel.

IMG_0643   _DSC6505  _DSC6489

me being funny

me being funny
an antique corn processor

Cabo san Lucas, Downtown:  The downtown area consists in its broadest terms into two areas.  One is the marina, behind which is a lovely mall called the Puerto Paraiso Mall.  The second is Medano Beach, where several restaurants and beach clubs are located, which party on into the wee hours of the night.  From Medano Beach you look across the sea to the Arch, Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach.  The natural beauty of the Arch and the surrounding beaches and rock formations to me was the highlight of the trip to Cabo.

At Medano Beach we loved breakfast at The Office.  It is so colorful and festive. You dine with your toes in the sand under big bright blue umbrellas overlooking the Arch and Lover’s beach.  They have a great menu and the food is fresh and tasty, as are the beverages, including incredibly good coffee.  This place was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

_DSC6379 _DSC6378  _DSC6380

Our waiter helped us to get a boat ride right from Medano beach to see the Arch and Lover’s/Divorce Beach up close.  There are many of these available; there are various comfort levels and prices.  We paid about $15 each for our ride on THE OFFICE ‘s brand new yellow boat.  It was fun.  We got some gorgeous photos of the sites:

_DSC6425 _DSC6465  _DSC6429

Next, the marina.  My absolute favorite spot was an upscale dessert spot called Senor Sweets.  Incredibly delicious ice cream.  We could have been in Italy!  I’m sure the other sweet treats are good too, but in that sweltering heat, the two scoops of the Nutella flavor was the place to be.  Roberto had a trio of sorbet flavors including MANGO with chili, lemon and strawberry.  YUM!!

_DSC6481 IMG_0662

Last shout out goes to a lovely restaurant on the grounds of our hotel called the De Cortez.  Although on the resort, it feels secluded and it’s an incredible spot for a special romantic evening.  It is right on the beach and you dine with the waves crashing in the background.  There is live music, dinner jazz, and the food is geared towards grilled steaks and seafood.  The food is quite good. Overall, De Cortez is a wonderful, very refined dining experience.

de cortez

From the Hotel website

I do have a lot more to say about the whole Cabo experience, and not all of it positive, unfortunately.  But for tonight, I will leave you with all our happy thoughts about the place.  Hope you enjoyed!!!