UES Raise Your Brows…


… to a Beacon in a Sea of Waxing Mediocrity

OK, NO laughing but it is a well known fact that Italians sure do know how to grow hair.  Since I was a kid, I always had really thick (bushy even) eyebrows. Yes, even a monobrow at one point (poor me).  I think it would be a sin to overpluck and end up having to pencil fake brows in, so I tend to be pretty careful about how much they get waxed/plucked.

Until this weekend, since we moved back into our apartment in October, I had been having my brow waxing done by the staff at Bloom Nail Salon on 90th and First Avenue.  It is a fairly decent salon and I would recommend it for the manis and pedis.  But, it is a bit of a mill.  There are numerous people working there, including a gentleman, and it is pretty pot-luck who you end up with if you just walk in off the street.

Needless to say, the results are not that consistent.  So I decided to try and kick it up a notch, willing to pay more for some quality.  I decided to YELP eyebrow wax and behold I stumbled upon Brows by Victoria.  This woman is a pro.  It is no wonder that her Yelp listing is full of five star reviews.

She is an entrepreneur, renting a single chair space tucked into the front of the La Marqueza Beauty Spa.  She has her patron sit up in a high chair (kind of like a director’s chair).  She has a lovely manner, and is extremely courteous.  I felt like I was having this done by a movie make up artist.  After discussing what shape I wanted, she gave me her advice and then started waxing away.  She did a really good job and didn’t let me leave all red faced (she put ample cover-up on me after she was done).

I plan to make her my regular brow artist, even though it will me a bit of a longer trek than I am used to…the exercise will do me good!