Le Churro


Ellie and I were minding our own business, about five minutes from being home after our upstate retreat (see my post on The Emerson), and suddenly we were rear-ended by a Lincoln Town Car Limousine. Luckily no one was hurt, but the town car had it’s hood bent in half and our trunk and rear bumper were ruined! We sat waiting on the side of the FDR Drive with blinkers on for over one hour for the NYPD to come to make a report. Despite three calls, they never showed up. So much for my numerous tax dollars being effectively put to work! By the time we got home, I was extremely frazzled.

car that hit me damage, side view

I thought to myself, “The only thing that is going to make me feel happy right now is chocolate.” And then I remembered, “Le Churro” !!

photo(32) photo(34)

I had walked past this place on Lexington a few times but it was never the right moment to go in. Today was the day. I needed some fresh air, and a walk would do me good. Off to Le Churro I went, and it was well worth the trip.

photo(38) photo(33)

I ordered the basic churros and a mint hot chocolate. The churros are a Spanish type of donut in which the dough is extruded through a sort of star shaped mold into a long tubular structure and then deep fried. Their churros tasted extremely fresh and the dough had the exact flavor of my favorite Italian Christmas treat called Zeppole. The hot chocolate was o.k. but I would say a bit too thick. I got the extra dollar dipping sauce of hazelnut chocolate. Who doesn’t love Nutella??


Yum!! I’ll have to head back soon to sample some of the other menu items. Tomorrow too soon??