The Pitch and Fork

A so-called Gastropub right in our neighborhood of Yorkville, I had high hopes for the Pitch and Fork.  The owner is the same as one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants which I reviewed here called Jacques which has really tasty moules frites. However, I have to say that this place was a bit of a disappointment and I don’t really feel the need to rush back.

There is an outdoor seating area which is a good thing in the warm weather.  Once inside, the impression is that the place is more pub than gastro.  There is a long bar in the front-mid portion of the restaurant on its north side that seems to overwhelm the place.  We were seated along the opposite wall and I asked to be moved because it was right next to a party of four that seemed really loud, which was probably just due to the acoustics.


As for the food, I ordered the arugula salad.  I remembered ordering one of the other salads and was brought that one instead, but I didn’t say anything.  R had the Grilled St. Louis Spare Ribs which were good.  For entree, I had the moules frites, thinking they would be as good as Jacques, but there were just so so. R had the Roasted Berkshire Pork, which surprisingly, he didn’t like much.  (He usually never meets a pork product he doesn’t love).

Ambiance was kind of loud.  We were trying to converse quietly and were unable to do so.

Unfortunately, I was overall pretty underwhelmed.  Disappointing since we could use some cool new places in the neighborhood…