Bedtime Song Post: A Strange Kind of Love by Peter Murphy

Heard this gorgeous version of this song by Peter Murphy that I hadn’t listened to in a long long time (off 1990 album Deep)…It was played on the Memorial Weekend Dark Wave Program on Sirius XM.

Peter Murphy has such an interesting baritone voice which is instantly compelling – so masculine, so sexy.  There is also a solo instrumental (possibly oboe? or oboe synth) which sounds like a riff out of a Dead Can Dance song (Mr. Lovegrove)

(OK, I know those two are actually in a war right now – take it easy…)

Just love this one, perfect for a Sunday night, and the lyrics have special meaning to me right now….

A strange kind of love

A strange kind of feeling

Swims through your eyes

And like the doors

To a wide vast dominion

They open to your prize

This is no terror ground

Or place for the rage

No broken hearts, white wash lies

Just a taste for the truth

Perfect taste, choice and meaning

A look into your eyes

Blind to the gemstone alone

A smile from a frown circles round

Should he stay or should he go?

Let him shout a rage so strong

A rage that knows no right or wrong

And take a little piece of you

There is no middle ground

Or that’s how it seems

For us to walk or to take

Instead we tumble down

Either side left or right

To love or to hate