Before Sunrise

Nostalgia. I watched Before Sunrise on Tuesday after I had a gone for my first visit to a shrink to deal with “adjustment” issues I am having related to my partner, his recent binge drinking incident, its aftermath and my apparent codependency, followed by a visit to my reproductive endocrinologist for an Endometrial biopsy procedure to see whether my little uterus would be capable of holding on to a donor egg/embryo when the appropriate time came. Needless to say, it had been a stressful day off.

The movie helped. I liked it. I cried tears of happiness at the first kiss scene on the Ferris wheel. I kept thinking of the similar dress I had to the one that Julie Delpy wore throughout the movie and what a great time the early nineties was…


Linklater’s masterpiece, the first in his “Before” series starring the two actors, is an iconic piece of independent film-making. For whatever reason, this genre, if we can call it that, where the movie consists almost entirely of a couple and their own dialogue with each other really appeals to me. Interestingly, on the IMDb website, it offered “other movies I might like” as Blue Valentine and Up in the Air, which I did really enjoy as well.


First, the setting: Ethan Hawke as his usual Generation X slacker self with EuroRail Pass and Julie Delpy as not quite a waif, but ethereal beauty with French accent, French pout and cute twinkle in the eye. They begin chatting on a train headed to Vienna and the rest as they say is history….for a stroll down Gen X memory lane, check out my other blog post on the subject.


Nostalgia, because as someone in her late 30s I think we can all remember back to that time in our lives when we did something crazy and adventurous, something out of our usual element and took a chance that enriched us – even if just for one day. The movie is so simple, yet unique and brilliant. Very Seinfeld-esque in that it is “about nothing” but encapsulates a lot, despite that.


Jesse and Celine have chemistry and are not sure how far to take it. After all, a relationship is complicated and chemistry is just one piece of the puzzle. The viewer is left to give an ending to the pair with his or her own imagination; kind of like those “Choose your own adventure books” we all used to love back in the day. I can’t wait to see the next two installments…