Bedtime song post: By Your Side – Sade

I have to get to bed early tonight but I’ve had this song on my mind all day. Just love it. It was on my ipod with repeat function turned on for a couple of months in my life back in 2007 – a time when I could have used a friend like she describes.

Sade has that unmistakable luxurious sound. Her voice sounds like an Italian Gianduia chocolate tastes. (It’s kind of like a solid piece of Nutella that melts into a luscious cream in your mouth.) So rich and delicious.

Of course, Sade is the Nigerian born British artist who’s had numerous hits since the early eighties. Incidentally, she looks incredible in the video. The song came out in 2000 off of her album Lovers Rock. You can find an interesting synopsis of the making of the video here at wikipedia:

Sade By Your Side Video

You think I’d leave your side baby
You know me better than that
You think I’d leave you down when you’re down on your knees
I wouldn’t do that.