The Sequester hits faithful “Meals-on-Wheels”; Let’s Do Something Good

From Citymeals-on-wheels site

From Citymeals-on-wheels site

That dreaded sequester is causing millions of seniors to be hungrier this year as funding to Meals-on-wheels programs have been slashed.  See an impassioned Martin Bashir raise Holy Hell about it on his daily program on MSNBC on 4-26-2013.

Martin Bashir Teaches Speaker Boehner about Meals on Wheels

I have done a very small part by making a contribution to New York’s own Citymeals-on-Wheels program.  You can read more about it here:

About New York Citymeals-on-Wheels

But isn’t it amazing that Congress raced to fix the FAA’s flight delay problem and felt that programs like the above Meals on Wheels or Medicare Cancer Chemotherapy funding or Head Start programs are all fair game for the cuts?