The Search for the Holy Haircut

Today, I think I may have finally ended my 38 year quest to find a “perfect fit” hair stylist.  Her name is Laurie and she practices her art out of Scott J Aveda salon on the Upper East Side.

I fell in love with Aveda hair colorants a while back – they are made from approximately 97% essential oils and botanicals (and approimately 3% ammonia type chemicals).  Their colorant is probably as natural as its gonna get beyond using Henna.  But also, Aveda is trying to be a stand up company – please read their mission statement .  Why can’t all corporations be like that?

Anyway, I digress…Basically for forever, I have been auditioning different salons in search of a stylist who not only gave a great haircut (modern, sheik, elegant yet trendy) but, also someone whom I developed a rapport with to fill all that dead air time while sitting in the chair.

Today was my second visit.  I was able to have a heart to heart with Laurie about what I loved about the haircut in the six weeks since I saw her last, what my frustrations were and what small tweaks I wanted to make.  Not only did she actually listen to me and think about what I said, she made all the tweaks to perfection and I couldn’t be happier with my cut and color.  She really gets an A++

The salon itself is fine.  It is pretty up to date with lots of courteous staff.  They have tons of great products that they also try to sell (and which I seem to keep buying).  I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone that asked.