Diaperless babies?? “Elimination communication”

“Elimination communication” is the latest hipster baby craze in NYC (although, I am not sure how many people in reality are actually doing this).  The goal: never to don a diaper on baby’s bum.  The technique: learn baby’s cues as to when he/she is going potty and then associate them with a verbal cue.  Eventually, like a Pavlov dog, the baby will be able to eliminate on demand of the verbal cue.  Sounds easy, huh??

Article in NY TIMES on the subject

The article goes on to expound on how the mom’s are having the babies pee between cars on the street and in bowls at homes and at parties and such.  No, offense, but my beloved pooch is doing the pee between car thing.  Sounds weird to do it with a human baby….to me at least.  Am I too old school?

Admittedly, the reasons as to why bother are noble:

1) Increased bonding with the baby

2) Good for the environment, no diapers in landfills, no water wasted at re-usable nappy laundering

3) Cheap – no expensive diapers

4) No baby diaper rash

I think getting a baby to be potty trained as soon as possible is a really noble goal.  After all, who wants to deal with diapers any longer than necessary?  But I am not sure that total elimination of the diapers is necessarily the best route there.  Also, despite the Health Department input on the article, I am not sure that as a physician I like the idea of human pee/poo all over the city.  It feels different than dog poo to me, somehow. Also babies with uncovered bottomless bums hanging around touching bus seats, etc doesn’t sound sanitary either.  Didn’t San Francisco do away with nudity in the Castro district for that very reason (or at least consider it)?  Human physiology which is mentioned in the article comes into play as well – some children simply aren’t ready from a maturity of nerves standpoint to get this right so young.

Obviously, it is not any of my business what anyone wants to train their child, assuming it is moral and legal; this is all just my personal opinion.

I’d love a comment stream on this one…I was just amazed when I read about it.