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Every once and a while, humans actually do something wonderful and inspiring.  

After the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon (in which home made pressure cooker IEDs containing beebees and nails so that they would do the most human damage and shred people’s limbs off) the death toll numbers 3 and the injured number around 260.  

Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino announced the formation of the One Fund for Boston which has to date raised 25 million dollars.  In an interview on the PBS Newshour last night, Ken Feinberg that manages the fund talked about the mission of the fund and how the monies will be used.  

The money will help those with injuries to get their lives back on track. Pay bills with doctors and therapists or rehab; get the tools they need to manage in their new lives (which may be minus a leg or hearing); in short, help with coping.

The outpouring of support, both corporate and personal, has been nothing short of amazing.  It seems that the fund is a way for Americans (and others) to turn their sentiments of shared grief into something tangible and positive. 

Let us hope that the fund can at least allay the stress of monetary concerns so that victims can focus on their healing.