Sunday Bedtime Song Post – Yes “Your Move”

In my former life, I had several friends who introduced me to the progressive rock movement. Not having ever been into psychedelic drugs, at first I didn’t really get it. I still can’t appreciate some of the original Genesis, King Crimson, etc. But maybe because it had more commercial appeal, some of the Yes stuff I really do enjoy and love, including “Your Move” also known as “I’ve seen all good people”.

It’s such a flower child sort of song, invoking thoughts of peace…

Yes conjures up fantasy images such as you might imagine in a Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass Book or perhaps a Dungeons and Dragons kind of world. Their album artwork is cool and really fits the music. But, also, if you close your eyes and just listen to the lyrics, it invokes a lot of great imagery in one’s mind’s eye, just on its own.

The musicianship in the band is extremely top notch with musicians Jon Anderson (vocals) and Steve Howe (guitarist) among others. References to John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” are also notable.

Enjoy and have a good week.