Bedtime Song Post

I would describe my music tastes as eclectic.  As a pathologist working in a large lab setting, I spend hours cooped up in my office concentrating, alone, looking through my microscope.  I always have some music playing in the background.

My car came with a free trial of Sirius and soon I was hooked.  Now I listen online all day too.  My favorite stations include Lithium, First Wave, Classic Vinyl, Classic Rewind, and Pearl Jam Radio to name a few. Sometimes I switch out to classical, opera, or jazz.

For a while they had a Dave Matthews Channel which I listened to so much that I had the playlist memorized…here’s one I got turned on to through that.  It is quite melancholy but so melodic and soulful.  I think that Dave Matthews is one of the most talented musicians of my generation.  I heard the Neil Young version on Classic Vinyl the other day and actually love the Dave and Tim version more.

Have a good evening all…