The Reality of Living in New York

I’ve been on a blog binge lately.  I’ve perused many different blogs.  One I happened on tonight mentioned how the blogger (from Boston – gag!) hated New York, despite it being the place to be if he or she wanted to get into publishing.  Another Freshly Pressed Blog caught my attention because the title of the piece contained the word “Happiness“.  They lead me to wonder what I am doing here in New York and whether I am really happy here.

New York City for me is not just a city anymore, it has become part of my identity.  I find myself fighting to maintain its status in my life since as I have aged and my career has developed, it is no longer the natural fit it used to be when I was in my training years.   We find ourselves constantly having to justify our continued habitation here and the ensuing expenses. My partner and I  struggle with these questions constantly “Should we stay?  Should we move to the suburbs?  Do we really need to be  here?  What are we doing here?”

There’s no doubt there are many downsides to living here.  Sometimes, it seems everything in life is a fight or a struggle.  Everything is a hustle.  You are hard pressed to leave the house without spending forty dollars.  It’s dirty.  It smells.  The occasional roach rears its ugly head.  Living with a 65 lb dog and a 180 lb man in a one bedroom apartment of 670 sq ft can get pretty cramped.  In the summer, all the stone buildings turn into giant pizza ovens.  Friends and relatives from the ‘burbs hate visiting cause it’s tough to park.  My dog can’t naturally run around in her own backyard and she hates being on the noisy streets.

All of that is true, no matter how much one can try to sugar coat it.  But for some reason, every time I try to leave, I miss it so much that I end up coming back.  So here’s 10 reasons I can come up with right now why NYC is home:

1) After it rains, if it’s warm, all the streets smell kind of sweet, like tonight.


2) I would get lonely if we were in a big house and my honey and puppy were always in the other room.


3) I like getting any kind of food from all over the world delivered after a hard day at work

(Thank you God for Seamless Web!)



4) I like being somewhere that people always want to visit (even if there’s no parking).

View from the World Yacht

5) I like living in a bright blue city in a bright blue state with a bright blue governor .


6) I like walking down the street and hearing 7 different foreign languages spoken.



7) Watching a SWAT operation out the window is kind of exciting.


8) My doggy is good at making friends


Carl Schurz Park Dog Run

9) Brunch


Sabor a Mexico

10) Christmas here is magical


So until further notice, I’ve decided we are happy here, life is good, and we’re not going anywhere….