‘Blood Ivory’ and the Demise of the Majestic Elephant – Can we bear a world without them?


I was very disturbed when I heard the following report yesterday on Alex Wagner’s MSNBC program called NOW (video link). She had on Kristin Davis to talk about the continued poaching of elephants in Africa. Despite a ban, there has been a recent surge of elephant poaching again for Ivory. The elephant population numbers are precipitously dropping. We could soon find ourselves living in a world without them. While this may not mean much to us in our everyday lives, can we really live with ourselves if we allow such majestic creatures to be murdered off the face of our planet for some fantasy mystical powers that are contained in their tusks?

If this interests you at all, watch the following interview that Alex did with actress Kristin Davis who has been advocating for the elephants:


National Geographic has been doing a lot of coverage of this topic on their website and this is a link to an article on their site by journalist Brian Christy:

National Geographic Christy article

Christy’s article was published in the October 2012 issue of National Geographic, however a documentary special has been put together as well and will be shown coming up on your local PBS stations.

Check out the following link to see more about the program, and find out when it is going to be on your local station:


Raising awareness of this issue is the first step. If you would like to do more, there is a link here where you can donate to adopt an elephant. This is a sanctuary for baby elephants that are left orphaned when their mothers are killed for tusks. Just like human babies, baby elephants cannot survive for long without their parents. I hope you’ll join me in spreading awareness on this issue that affects our precious Earth and threatens to extinguish one of its most treasured and majestic creatures.

Adopt an elephant