Downton Abbey Twitter Round Up – Spoiler Alert!!


If you are like most of us Downton maniacs, Sunday night was not a good night for you. But, the pain was eased a bit by reading some of the hilarious tweets people posted after the big stateside season finale. Here are some I enjoyed:

First the absolute disbelief:

The snarky comebacks, trying to keep everyone’s mind off the harsh reality:

The climate deniers, those who just won’t believe hunky Matthew is dead:

Just plain funny:

Outraged at PBS having the nerve to ask for money after what they did to us:

And finally, those like me who are pissed at Dan Stevens for making Julian Fellowes write him off the show so that he could pursue bigger and better things. What could possibly be better than the most popular drama in the world? Is he insane? He will never top Downton!

As usual, the Dowager Countess said it best: