New Year’s Resolution Update – or How I Did at the Gridiron Classic Race


Well, I have been procrastinating writing this follow up post about my performance at the race last Superbowl Sunday.  But alas, after Blizzard Nemo, there really isn’t too much to do in NY but cruise the web and write, so, I guess, “writer’s block be gone!” Here goes.

To say that it was “thrilling!”  “a rush!” or  “fantastic!” would be overstating it.  I did have fun with my girls.  But I wish I was a cheerleader.  I wish I could say:  “I felt so great; when I got to that finish line, I was so proud, and I felt so accomplished!”  I can’t say that – I would be lying.

Instead the reality was more like “Thank God that’s over! Can someone please get me some water!!! While I collapse – right here – down on this dirt.”

I do feel healthier and my heart feels good, so I guess that is the most important thing. And I want to keep going.  I want to turn the one good month of staying healthy and working out into 12 months, for once in my life.  Alas, the year is young yet, and a lot can happen…

But back to the race.  To begin with, will someone please explain to me how it is that 5596 New York fools got up early on a Sunday morning when it was approximately 25 degrees outside to go running in Central Park en masse?  Seems quite remarkable even for a city this big.  However, admittedly, it did warm up quickly after the first few feet of running. Plus, I had my nifty $12.95 1980’s style legwarmers from H&M:

très chic 😉


(In the following, the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Samantha and Charlotte and I warmed up by trekking it to the bathroom port-a-potties, which seemed to be miles away from the race starting point.  Miranda turned out to be preggers so she had to bail out on us at the last minute. Roberto was sweet and came to cheer me on and take some pictures.

Charlotte had been improving on her time, so though we all started together, she eventually got up ahead.  Samantha, who is a real athlete, (and a real friend) took off her timer shoe thingy so that she could stay with me through the race and not ruin her own offiical time record.  Somehow, with her help, I made it through.  We did walk for a couple of minutes, but by the end, it only took me 49 minutes and 2 seconds to complete the four miles for an average pace of 12:16.  Realize, when starting from essentially zero this is pretty good!! Samantha played little tricks to keep me going even when I wanted to rest, so she got me to run a faster time than what I had done in training.

When you adjust for my sex and age, according to NYRR, my age graded percentage was 40% which is pretty stinky but again, could be worse.  I came in 5158 out of 5596 which (to me) means that although I sucked, there were others that finished after me, so I guess it wasn’t as big of a disaster as it could have been.


The park was beautiful to run through.  It had snowed the night before so the trees were all filled with fluffy snowflakes. The road was cleaned and salted by the amazing park staff so that all the runners could be safe and have a good time.

After the main event, we went for brunch at the always classic POPOVER CAFE on the Upper West side.  Great coffee, eggs and of course amazingly airy fresh popovers.  This is a classic NY brunch institution which never seems to fade in popularity, nor should it.  If you haven’t been in a while, make time for a revisit and try the French flopover.  It is a delicious eggy/crepey thing with melted brie and carmelized pears.  Also, drank some great hot chocolate and savored my popover with tons of strawberry butter.

I will report back periodically with updates on my fitness status…..