Latest Addiction: House of Cards (2013) with Kevin Spacey, on Netflix

house of cards

A quick blurb about my latest television viewing habit.  No, no, not Downton Abbey, although, that is another one.  But this amazing remake of the British political drama from the 1990s produced by Netflix exclusively for viewing on that site in part by Kevin Spacey.

I am not finished watching the first series yet, although, I got through a few episodes last night while blizzard Nemo was going on outside.  This is an extremely well done and acted series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (yes the Princess Bride) as the main characters “Francis Underwood” (FU – haha!) and “Claire”, his wife.

Francis is the Democratic chief majority whip in the U.S. Congress (I know, we wish! Damn gerrymandering).  He is an extremely manipulative politician who usually manages to get things the way he wants them.  The only one who seems to pull his strings is his wife, who is also very manipulative in her own way.  They have a very complicated and interesting relationship.  The series starts off with Underwood getting passed over for a promised post as Secretary of State; he eventually gets his revenge…check out this clip.

TRAILER for House of Cards

I remember when I was a kid, my mom and I would always watch Masterpiece Theater together Sunday nights here on NY channel 13 PBS WNET.  They played the original British version of this series which starred Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart (also FU).  I haven’t seen the series since that time but I remember it was good and I have a vague recollection of him pushing a woman off a roof and her screaming “Daddy”!

Netflix strangely released all the episodes of the first series at one time.  The NYTimes did an interesting write up about that which I will link you to here:

Release of 13 Episodes Redefines Spoiler Alert

For all my fellow political junkies, I think it does a lot to satisfy cravings for anything and everything “inside the beltway”.  I think its a great way to pass this snowed in Saturday if you don’t already have something going on. Netflix has a streaming only package for about $8 a month.  Pretty cheap and this series alone made it worth the money for February for me.  Hope you enjoy as much as I currently am….