New Year’s Resolution?

I started the year by forgetting to say “White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” so things already don’t bode well. Of course, the question of the day on everyone’s lips has been “Do you have any resolutions?”. Like many, I have come up with a few but I will expand on only one this evening. It is pretty cliche, I must admit, but there is a special little twist which makes it slightly more interesting…

I have noticed lately that as I lay down my head to sleep, I start having heart palpitations. I attribute this fast heart rate to little mini-panic attacks, right at the moment when I should start to relax. But in the back of my head I harken back to literally my first day of medical school where some erudite person tried to teach us all the concept of orthopnea. Orthopnea is when you feel like you can’t breath when you are lying down, and often you feel better with a couple of pillows to prop you up a bit.

Whether my panic diagnosis is right or not or my worst fears of orthopnea are true, I have always had a high resting heart rate which is not a good sign of heart health. So this year, I have vowed to get my heart healthy, before anything bad happens to it and it is too late. I am “only” 38 years old, but my age certainly isn’t too young for my heart to start making mischief.

Unfortunately, I have never been very athletic. I have had phases where I got into shape working out, but they are usually coupled with rather long inert periods in between.

Now comes the twist: it has got to do with the fact that over the past couple of years a few of my girlfriends from high school and I have somehow re-united. More recently, over the summer, one who we hadn’t heard from in ages re-joined the gang which I was really thrilled about. Now we are a happy foursome.

We liken ourselves to a bit of a “Sex and the City” gang. One of these women (the Samantha of the group) is a super fit physical therapist mom of two. She has started to encourage me to get running; in fact she offered to run with me. But, being super embarrassed at my far inferior physical status, I told her to give me a few weeks to get to a non-mortifying performance level. I did not want to collapse at the end of the first block!

Having been inspired after watching the “Sex and the City ” movie on E channel a couple of days back, I contacted them all to see when our next date would be. Me and my big mouth. Well, I think they are trying to kill me, because “Samantha” is making us all do a 4 mile run! The run is called the Gridiron classic; it takes place on Superbowl Sunday. I guess if it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger, right?

An hour on the damn treadmill today and here are my stats: 3.9 miles, 351 cal
1 hr, 15:23 pace, 161 average heart rate. I’ll keep working on it don’t worry. By the way, does anyone else mutter “THANK GOD!” when the treadmill says your workout will end soon? We shall see how sustainable this is….

NYRR Gridiron Classic

2010 ING NYC Marathon92nd St and 1st Ave

2010 ING NYC Marathon
92nd St and 1st Ave

2010 ING NYC marathon outside our apartment

2010 ING NYC marathon outside our apartment

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