Such a cold New Year’s Day in New York. Too cold to leave the warmth and comfort of the living room to migrate down to the cinema, despite the numerous movies in the theater that we want to see.

We rented Looper with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis. Without spoiling, the plot is pretty interesting with the two playing versions of each other who meet because of time travel. Joseph Gordon Levitt was supposed to have killed the future version of himself, but something happens to derail it. The way the story unfolds makes it an interesting watch.


However, in light of the recent tragedy at Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary, it suddenly was really difficult to watch all the gun violence in the movie. Especially, since some is perpetrated against children who are around six years old. It felt distasteful somehow; I hate to sound prudish, but the violence felt gratuitous and the quantity of guns throughout unnecessary. The whole setting seemed to be a dystopian version of the future U.S. where guns were essentially everywhere and there was really no safe living without them; an imagined place I hope that never comes to be. NRA dream utopia perhaps??

Anyway, an alternative Joseph Gordon Levitt flick that I also really enjoyed, although also violent, because the plot was novel and interesting was his movie from 2007 called The Lookout. In it he plays a troubled young person with a traumatic brain injury due to an accident which was his fault. Now, rather then get into the details on that film, I will refer you to my old blog where I reviewed that previously.

The Lookout movie review

Hope you enjoy Looper more than I did. I would give it about 3 out of 5 stars.